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Terry Ratliff
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Terry Ratliff - withdrawn this year for medical reasons
Expressions on Canvas


*** Terry had a medical emergency and will be unable to participate this year. He wanted everyone to know he will be fine, but cannot do much of anything for some time****

Terry Ratliff was born in the Age of Aquarius and grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana; a place he still calls home.


His mother recognized his early artistic skills. She encouraged him to follow that creative path and to explore his talent in many forms.

At the age of 3, he discovered and then realized that he wanted to paint. He was promptly presented with his first art award in the 2nd grade for Best Design of a haunted house; cleverly conceived and created from a milk carton.

Terry received his primary educated in Fort Wayne’s public schools where he played high school football. While sports were a significant part of his life, his real motivation and passion was simply … art.

He continued his education at Franklin College supported by a football scholarship. There, he studied art under his mentor, Luigi Crispino. Luigi was an inspirational, influential and passionate guide – helping Terry hone his artistic talents. He graduated from Franklin with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.

Terry traveled to France where he painted on the Riviera – to Paris and to Normandy. He ultimately returned to his Fort Wayne roots where he continues to pursue his award winning craft.

Terry’s creative acumen lies in the unique layering of his color palate. He builds shapes and forms from the relationship of color and mass. They magically emerge from the spirit of the work and resolve into a masterpiece.




Facebook: terry.ratliff


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