We have a tradition for the Falling for Art, Artists' Studio Tour; each year, Ryan Pelka writes poem that encompasses the spirit of the tour. Below is his poem for 2021. Enjoy!

FFA by Ryan Pelka

It’s once again that time of year

When leaves give up their green,

The air outside gets crisp and drear,

And crops are gathered clean.

Since fall is such a work of art,

We have for you a route

That’s wonderful in every part.

So go and check it out.


Would you go on this tour in a season so good?

I hope your answer is, “Yes, I Wood!”

The Inmans in ‘Busco would love to see you,

And their wood is matched by only a few.


Now please don’t watch any kickers or punters,

But go instead to the town of hunters.

There you’ll find a potter named Joe

Whose fish, vessels, and paintings are hard to beat, I know.

It is quite difficult to run the show all alone,

So Marquart came in with some nice work of her own.


While everyone else is up to their own gigs,

You can visit the marvelous studio of Warren Briggs.

It is full of brilliant pieces made out of glass,

Glass so bright there’s no test it ever fails to pass.


Your next stop is a bit to the east,

In Leo, the town sharing its name with a king beast.

Kristy Jo Beber has beautiful stoneware

That can go with you pretty much anywhere.


The silence of Spencerville really deafens,

But that all changes with the art of Steffen’s.

His wood will amaze you with every square inch,

No matter if you’re well off or feeling the pinch.


Remember, autumn is the season of harvest,

And Art Farm’s crops are among the best.

Time’s running out to see some variety

Because winter will soon arrive with notoriety.


Prepare to follow the birds that are anything but craven

As they head south in search of a New Haven.

Dani Kiefer’s studio is a great place to go

To find a vivid painting you can hang up high or down low.


For the first time ever, this tour goes through Fort Wayne,

And this comes after a year when everything was hard.

Now there’s no need to go to France, Italy, or Spain,

As you can see an art movement in your own backyard.


The first artist you meet in the Fort uses water

Just like the wood of a wood artist or the clay of a potter.

Kelty makes pieces of vibrant watercolor artwork

In a city where three rivers are an added perk.


If you’re looking for a little glimpse of nature,

There’s no better way than taking a picture.

So, spend some time at Raiman’s Pere Photography.

It will make you dance more than an expert in choreography.


Although this tour won’t take you all the way to Manhattan,

You can still see the wonderful work of Jake Patten.

His portraits of unique characters will leave you chattin’

Long after you leave this summit that will never flatten.

Jake and his friend Becky Johnson make a great duo

Of painters who know how to impress you. Oh!


Your journey is incomplete without a walk or drive down Broadway

Just in time to see a thrilling three-act play.

It opens with The Hedge and Julie Wall, nonetheless.

She sends you back in time with quality prints from her press.


The second act of Broadway’s show this fall

Is a painter by the name of Alexandra Hall.

Her paintings will stun you and blow your mind

With every bright color and minute detail you can find.


Before the curtains on Broadway go down

You can meet one of the best artists in town.

Terry Ratliff’s work is an expression on canvas

That brings the show to a close without any fuss.


The time has come to leave the city and head to Ossian,

Where you can visit the studio of Joel  Fremion.

Although he is last on the tour, he’s certainly not least.

His collages will serve your eyes an art feast.


This is the 2nd Annual Falling for Art,

And you can play a really large part

By going around the Fort named Wayne

To see masterpieces shine even if there’s rain.