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We have a tradition for the Falling for Art, Artists' Studio Tour; each year, Ryan Pelka writes poem that encompasses the spirit of the tour. Below is his poem for 2022. Enjoy!

FFA by Ryan Pelka

It's once again that time of year

When leaves give up their green,

The air outside gets crisp and drear,

And crops are gathered clean.

Since fall is such a work of art,

We have for you a route

That's wonderful in every part.

So go and check it out.


Would you go on this tour in a season so good?

I hope your answer is, "Yes, I Wood!"

The Inmans in 'Busco would love to see you,

And their wood is matched by only a few.


Now please don't watch any kickers or punters,

But go instead to the town of hunters.

There you'll find a potter named Joe

Whose ceramic turtles, koi, and vessels are ready to go.


If you are trying to escape this world and find peace,

Head on over to the studio of a Guy named Drece.

There are many different ways to view his abstract art,

So many that the possibilities are off the chart.


Paintings are not manufactured in a factory or a lab,

But in a studio like that of Andrea Bojrab.

Her impressionist works transform oil

Into treats for the eye that never spoil.


Prepare to follow the birds that are anything but craven

As they head south in search of a New Haven.

Dani Kiefer's studio is a great place to go

To find a vivid painting you can hang up high or down low.


Your next stop is 1514 St. Joseph Boulevard,

And getting there is not very hard.

Four unique artists await you,

Each with their own studio, too.


The first of this art quartet uses water

Just like the paint of a painter and the clay of a potter.

John Kelty makes pieces of vibrant watercolor artwork

In a city where three rivers are an added perk.


If you're looking for a little glimpse of nature,

There's no better way than taking a picture.

So spend some time at Paul Raiman's Pere Photography.

It will make you dance more than an expert in choreography.


Next up is Teri Marquart,

One of the finest artists in the Fort.

Her functional fine art takes the ordinary

And makes it into something extraordinary.


If whimsical realism is the art you crave,

Then check out the wonderful Art of Maeve.

It is not always real, yet still full of fun,

So joyful and exciting in more ways than one.


Now, a quartet of artists may be neat,

But don't forget about the painter duo on Berry Street.

Jake's unique character portraits will leave you chatting for hours,

While Becky amazes you with nature and colorful flowers.


Our next artist is at the Landing this fall,

A painter by the name of Alexandra Hall.

Her paintings will stun you and blow your mind

With every bright color and minute detail you can find.


Your journey is incomplete without a walk or drive down Broadway

Just in time to see Terry Ratliff's thrilling play.

His expression on canvas is an entertaining show

That you will remember long after you go.


The next place you will visit on this tour

Is the delightful studio of Hilarie Couture.

Her paintings will make you smile

And decorate your wall for quite a while.


Finally, it is time to go to the Southwest,

Where you will meet two of the best.

Emily Simpson and Greg Duncan make brilliant glass art

Using a process so scientific it will make you feel smart.


This is the 3rd Annual Falling For Art,

And you can play a really large part

By going around the Fort named Wayne

To see masterpieces shine even if there's rain.

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