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Mark Sidebottom

Accensual WdWx Ltd.
"Gnarly Chaos"

Accensual WdWx Ltd, imperfectly perfect wood. . . Accensualized.

The term "Accensual" in Accensual WdWx Ltd, is borne from a coupling of the words “accent” and “sensual.” The true beauty of my work begins with wood, mostly “imperfect” wood. My goal is to find and reveal the beauty within by cutting with saws, shaping with tools, and carving as necessary to accentuate Nature’s raw materials with the goal of eliciting sensual responses — wow, OMG, that’s amazing, and the like — in an accensual presentation of my pieces.  The breadth of my work has been limited only by imagination, often eschewing requisite levels of experience if not skill to chase the beauty seen from my mind’s eye. I started with tables, large and small, from dining to side tables, coffee tables, and epoxy-infused, live-edge wood tables. I was commissioned to sculpt a solid Walnut queen bed (headboard, footboard, side rails and slats) that was crated and sent by freight from humble Fort Fun (aka Fort Wayne, Indiana) to San Francisco. I’ve carved the mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado into a 2 x 16 x 48” piece of live-edge, full width cross-section of a Cherry tree and then accensualized these mountains with stain and glittering epoxy.  Bowls, trays, cutting boards and the like have been my most recent obsessions. A common theme exhibited in each piece has blossomed into a series entitled “Imperfectly Perfect.” These pieces come from wood overlooked by average woodworkers and flat rejected by the cabinet industry, wood characterized as junk, firewood, or too difficult to work. But like we who possess these pieces, it is from the defects, the idiosyncrasies, the imperfections that we find character and oneness, be it with one another or in relation with nature or a god of our understandings. My goal in these creations is always, as one admirer said of the Double-J Bowl: “to make the common bowl cool.”  I
 invite you to look at my pieces, drawn from nature, to enjoy and be reminded of the wonders available to us in the most common of places, friends, family, and . . . accensualized wood creations.

Facebook: Mark Sidebottom

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