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Maeve Hernandez Asano
Art of Maeve


I have appreciation for all form of art but for my professional expertise, I am particularly passionate for figurative art. When I say "figurative" most people have instant impression for "human figure" but I like to reflect any figure that has character. Those figures are, but not limited to, human, animals, and my dear dolls. I mainly work with oil and charcoal to paint or draw object often with natural elements and my imagination to create detailed thought provoking scene. 


The fun of realism is that it only have to be realistic but not necessarily real.

If I label my style of art, I would call it Whimsical Realism. My works are definitely representative and not impressionism or abstract art. However they do not completely fall in realism or surrealism. When I paint a mushroom made of wood, which sounds surreal, I do have a mushroom made of wood. When I paint a beautiful girl but with joints like a doll does, I have  my life-like doll sitting right in front of me. 


While some say realism is boring, I will continue to disagree with the statement with my creations because I believe that realism is not boring , art should be easy to understand, and my works meant to be beautiful.

Facebook: artofmaeve

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