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Jake Patten
Jake Patten Art

Jake Patten was one of six children born to a traveling evangelist. He, along with his siblings were all home schooled until he was seventeen years of age. His father took the family all over the Americas speaking the good word in churches, tents and even the streets. He attended Snider High School mid-way through his junior year. Upon graduating he enrolled in the United States Marine Corps where he spent several years serving his country. Upon returning to Fort Wayne, Jake settled in the West Central neighborhood where he still resides today. It was in West Central that Jake started attending art shows, galleries and getting to know many of the artists that reside in the neighborhood. Shortly thereafter, he was encouraged to try his hand at painting and the rest is history.

Jakes works are mixed media on canvas or panel and range in size from very small to extremely large. Jakes goal with his work is to bring people of all ages together and encourage them to find their own stories in his works. The hope is that they will share their interpretations of the characters and situations that play out on the canvas amongst one another. In turn, creating art dialogue and the opportunity to see art from others’ perspectives.

Facebook: jakepatten
Website: https://www.jakepattenart.com/


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