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Dani Kiefer
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Dani Kiefer
Dani Kiefer Art

I live on my family’s homesteaded farm with my husband and two daughters. I capture
the fleeting moments that catch my eye: the seasons of life; seasons of motherhood,
seasons of growth, death and renewal, and seasons of childhood. I work in a variety of
mediums including, watercolor, acrylic, oil, pen/ink, printmaking processes and mixed
media. My goal is to capture these fleeting moments: the wind, the light, the fog, the
warmth, the sadness, the joy, the pain, the hurt and the growth as a way of documenting
this life, my life and those in my circle. I’m seeking to see the beauty in the everyday, the
small fleeting moments that pass by unseen.

This year has been a gift of time. In a year’s time, I have completely changed my focus.
My freelance design projects slowed down and my many family commitments also took a pause and I was left with time to think, breathe, create and be.

This is the year I adopted the title artist and let it truly sink into my skin.

And I’ve shared. I’ve grown my social media platforms, designed my own website, sold
originals, painted commissions, taught art workshops for children, teens and adults,
and built an art studio in my barn for years of creating to come.

I received a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design and photography from the University of
Saint Francis in 1999. Upon graduation, I moved to Chicago and began designing
exhibits and marketing materials for the Field Museum of Natural History. I continued
my career in Chicago at the Chicago Botanic Garden and the Lincoln Park Zoo where
my brand design for the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo was awarded first place by the
American Association of Museums.

I have been an art teacher at Emmanuel St. Michael Lutheran School (grades 4th
through 8th) and currently am a studio artist, teacher and graphic designer.

Facebook: daniellekiefer

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