Becky Johnson
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Becky Johnson
Becky Johnson Art

My work is ever changing……I’m ever changing.

Beautiful objects in nature, such as flowers, trees and animals are what inspire my subject matter. My love for rich color is what drives my palette. I will usually start out abstract with a set of colors that I’m drawn to at  that time and the painting slowly evolves from there. It’s interesting to me that I’ve been involved in art MY WHOLE LIFE but  haven’t taken the time until now to actually pursue painting seriously.

My father (Bob Johnson) was an artist. Growing up, he and his buddies were always painting or making pieces of structural art. Some installations/sculptures are still around Fort Wayne. My brother (Tim Johnson) is a well accomplished artist and my significant other (Jake Patten) is an artist on the rise with a new gallery of his own. I’ve owned and operated a couple of art galleries in my past as well. 


Art has been my world and I’m finally getting around to painting it!

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